The Faculty-Staff Campaign would not be a success without the help of these passionate Terps.

AGNR-AES-Associate Director: Theresa Simmons
ARHU-Art History & Archaeology: Theresa Morse
ARHU-Communications: TC Anthony
ARHU-English: Isabella Moulton
ARHU-TDPS: Sandra Jackson
BMGT-Dean-Development: Sarah Conboy
BSOS-African American Studies: Sharon Anderson
BSOS-Development: Jenny Kilberg
BSOS-Government & Politics: Denise Wist
CMNS-Cell Biology & Molecular Genetics: Molly Burke
CMNS-National Socio-Environmental Synthesis Center: Charlene Brooks
CMNS-Physics: Kathryn Sickles
DIT-EE-Business Services Support: David Toledo
EDUC-College of Education: Sarah Davis
EDUC-Human Development and Quantitative Methodology: Cornelia Snowden
ENGR-Chemical & Biomolecular Engineering: Patricia Lorenzana
ENGR-Engineering Information Technology: Gabrielle Barnhart
ENGR-Fischell Dept of Bioengineering: Deborah Thompson
ENGR-Institute for Systems Research: Alexis Jenkins
LIBR-Libraries: Anne Turkos
PLCY-Center for Public Policy and Private Enterprise: Dawn Pulliam
PRES-MFRI-Administration: Stacey Moltz
PRES-President's Office: Carol Granger
SVPAAAP-Sr VP Academic Affairs & Provost: Rhonda L Smith
VPAF-Comptroller-Administration: Trinette Young
VPAF-Environmental Safety: Glynnis Anne Bowman
VPAF-Environmental Safety: Kate Cavanaugh
VPAF-FM-AVP Human Resources: Jeanette Payne
VPAF-Procur & Supply-Director's Office: Amy Zimmer
VPAF-University Human Relations: Cristophoros Beck
VPR-Sponsored Programs Accounting and Compliance: Laura Salers
VPSA - Transportation Services: Shayna Smith
VPSA-Conferences & Visitor Services: Betty Spengler
VPSA-Counseling Center: Eugina Becton
VPSA-Dining Services: Tanika Manley
VPSA-Res Facilities-Administrative Services: Sharon Dawes
VPSA-Res Facilities-Director's Office: Cindy Felice
VPSA-RL-Director Salary/L&A: Patricia Rhoan
VPSA-Stamp Union-Administration: Marie Ann Jenkins
VPUR-Development: Kristy Robb
VPUR-Development: Erica Anderson
VPUR-Development: Yvonne Hollis
VPUR-Development: Dan Christopher
VPUR-Financial Management: Emily Nerret
VPUR-Univ Alumni Association: Angela Dimopoulos
VPUR-Univ Communications-Marketing: Jim Sheehan
VPUR-VP University Relations: Jenn Evoy Kratz

Contact us at facultystaff@umd.edu or 301-405-2050 for questions or more information.